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Andreas and Kathrin View towards the illuminated winery at night View towards the winery Vineyard in spring before it starts to grow Barrique casks Grapevines and an oaktree in spring before the start of the growing season Young shoot with first leafes and grapes shortly after it started to grow Bursting vine bud Budding vine shoot Barrique storage Sonnenmulde wine bottles Yellow rape blossoms between rows of grapevines Rainbow above the vineyards of Gols

Tasting Box

The Sonnenmulde Winery Tasting Box! Three bottles of our noble wines in exclusive packaging and delivered free of charge throughout Austria.

Sonnenmulde Tasting Box in the background. In the front, three bottles of our wines
The Sonnenmulde Tasting Box

Several times a year the Tasting Box is released in an updated edition, with new wines and new tasting experiences. It is the ideal opportunity to taste our wines, get to know new vintages and learn more about our winery. It is, of course, also a great gift for every wine lover, delivered at a desired time, to any address in Austria. You are not from Austria? No problem, you can still get the tasting box. Only the delivery time cannot be determined quite so exactly here, so just order a little earlier to be on the safe side.

The tasting box costs 29,- Euro including delivery to Austria. For deliveries outside of Austria please simply ask us, we will be happy to help you

The current tasting box contains the following wines