This page contains information for our valued business partners, gastronomy and of course for the press. Here we provide informational texts and material about the Sonnenmulde Estate Winery and the Schreiner Family in several formats that are suitable for further processing. Photos and logos in printable quality are also available.

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Bottle pictures and printable information about our wines can be found separately on the according wine pages!


Family in the vinyards
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Familie im Weinkeller
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Andreas and Hans
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Renate and Hans
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Kathrin und Andreas
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Red Wine Cellar
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Barrique cellar
Tasting Room
Panoramic view of Gols
Wine Bottles
Photo: Franz Helmreich
Sonnenmulde Logo

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