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Welcome to the website of the Sonnenmulde Estate family owned winery. Here you can find out more about us, how and where we manage our organic wine farm and of course about our wines. With pleasure we offer a little insight into their creation and tell what else happens in our winery throughout the year.

Current News:

Vineyard clearing

2019-11-23 12:52:00

Vines are loaded onto a tractor trailer and taken out of the vineyard. The last way in the life of a vineyard, the clearing. Well-tended vineyards can last for 30 to 50 years. But the older they get, the more care they need. Yields drop and more and more vines have to be replanted. In the course of decades, grape varieties also change and even cultivation methods are subject to constant modernisation. At some point it is time to grub up and replant. Read more »

The Harvest 2019

2019-10-07 19:00:00

Ripe grapes on the harvest trailer Time flies and all work comes to an end. It’s like we just started, but the harvest is already done and with it the 2019 wine year lies behind us. Now we can for the first time really make some substantial statements about the vintage’s qualities. In short, we’re very pleased! Read more »

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