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Here we collect all stories from the current as well as past years. Have fun browsing through even if some of the wines mentioned here have long since been drank up and their bottles emptied.

Current News:

You may taste now

2018-11-05 16:35:00

Invitation to the Martiniloben 2018 in Gols St. Martin's day is upcoming and with it the 30th incarnation of the Martiniloben Event with days of open wine cellars in Gols. That itself is reason enough for a big party, but even more important are the many fine wines you'll be able to taste. On St. Martin the new vintage's wines are baptised and may be officially refered to as wines from then on. The preparations are already well underway an we're looking forward to lots of visitors! Read more »

From the harvest

2018-09-13 18:00:00

Harvesting trailer filled with Blauer Zweigelt grapes It's not even mid-September and we're already thinking about the end of the harvest. We're not done yet and there are more grapes to be picked. But a good part of this year's vintage is already fermenting in our cellar. And it does look good indeed! Read more »

Starlings - not our friends

2018-08-21 17:30:00

Gegen Fraßschäden - Vogelschutznetz im Weingarten Starlings are beautiful, very intelligent birds and were even chosen as Bird of the Year 2018 in Germany. Nevertheless, the're not really our friends. Like many other bird species they like it a lot around Lake Neusiedl. Alltough many of them live here around the year, every autumn they are visited by lots of collegues that prefer to spend their summers farther to the north. In that time they form swarms up to kilometers in length that can even darken the sky. And that many beaks need to eat. Read more »

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