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A bottle of Pinot Blanc Beerenauslese
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Pinot Blanc Beerenauslese 2005

A Beerenauslese (BA) is made out of grapes which are already overripe and partly influenced by Botrytis. The sweetest and best berries are picked manualy in late autumn and then pressed. Their juice is already sweet enough to ensure that there will be residual sugar in the wine. However the sweetness is not yet as extreme as in a Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) and a Beerenauslese is a much more drinkable choice on many occasions. Grapes of Pinot Blanc yield a very strong and full bodied Beerenauslese particularily when they have only little redidual sugar.

Tasting notes

Our Pinot Blanc 2005 Beerenauslese is styled almost dry. The unobtrusive sweetness and the high alcohol level offer a full taste and opulent body that complement the fine bouquet of hony and ripe fruits.

Food suggestion

A wine with this strength and fullness is an ideal aperitif and suited to raise the appetite for upcoming treats. It is also recommendable as a digestif by being not too strong and alcoholic.

Ageing potential

This wine needs some time for development to maximum drinking pleasure and will be fully ready to drink about three to four years after the harvest. It can however be stored almost indefinitely because its concentratet constituents have a very positive effect on the further aging process.


Drinking Temperature: 12° C, Alcohol Content: 16.6 %vol, Sugar Content: 11.6 g/L, Acidity: 8.4 g/L
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