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A long eared owl as logo for the Capella

A star in the night and mysterious like the Long Eared Owl.

Owls glide through the night in starlight, absolutely silent and almost invisible. Only their cries can be heard and their traces seen on the next day. Walking through the fields very observantly one can identify the owls sleeping trees and maybe find some, resting there during the day.

Capella 2012

Capella is or Premium-Zweigelt. It is selected from the best grapes of the vintage 2012. Ripe grapes, gentle vinification and twelve months of Barrique aging in small new oak barrels form a jutting red wine with great potential. It is just right for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs of strong and expressive reds. This wine represents the most distinguished Zweigelt type and fully accentuates this grape’s strengths. The name Capella is derived from a bright star in the night’s sky, inspired and supplemented by our Premium-Cuveé, the Canopus. Together, Capella and Canopus form an exclusive team, fixed stars in red wine heaven.

Tasting notes

The Capella gleams wit a ruby-red core and violet reflections when poured into the glass. Its bouquet is intensive and complex. Starting with the distinguished cherrylike fruitiness of a Zweigelt the Capella then developes strong and ripe flavours reminescent of dark berries and fruits in Rum, supported by delicate smoky tones. The taste is nobly tart and shows ripe tannins and an opulent structure.

Food suggestion

Being a very strong Zweigelt this wine goes especially well with red meat and game as well as strong cheese.

Ageing potential

Needs about 3-4 years after the harvest to reach its optimum. After that it will be good to drink for at least 5 more years.


Drinking Temperature: 18° C, Alcohol Content: 13.5 %vol, Sugar Content: 1.5 g/L, Acidity: 4.5 g/L
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