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A hare as logo for the Blaufränkisch Reserve

Native of the Burgenland like the hare.

Hares are of course just as common outside the Burgenland but we do have lots of them. Especially the youngs hide still between the plants where they are almost perfectly disguised. And even better, juicy herbs almost grow into their mouths. The juicier the herbs, the less interesting the young vines are for them which then benefits us winegrowers. We do like that!

Blaufränkisch Reserve 2014

Blaufränkisch is a very old and traditional Austrian red wine made from one of the most precious grapevines we have. Its main characteristic lies in the pronounced fruitiness which very few other grapes are able to approach. Other distinctive qualities are an appealing tannin level, an inspiring acidity and the noticable influence of the soil on the overall appearance. Their power and strength gives Blaufränkisch wines great potential for Barrique ageing which leads to great wines that can be kept for many years.

Tasting notes

This Blaufränkisch Reserver 2014 presents a purple-rimmed strong red colour. Its bouquet is remescent of ripe berries and offers delicate wooden tones. The taste is strong, long-lasting and with a balanced finish.

Food suggestion

This powerful Blaufränkisch is a great fit to braised meat, lots of hearty dishes as well as to strong cheese varieties at the end of a fine meal.

Ageing potential

Needs two to five years after the harvest to reach its optimum but has te potential to be stored much longer than that.


Drinking Temperature: 17° C, Alcohol Content: 13 %vol, Sugar Content: 2.2 g/L, Acidity: 5.6 g/L
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