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A snail as logo for the Chardonnay Barrique

Soft and fond of chalk like the roman snail.

We call it the vineyard snail and this is exactly where it can be found. In past times they would just have been served as delicacy but now we are a bit friendlier. The Helix pomatia as it is called correctly is strictly protected nowadays and as an organic farm we are of course eagerly supporting that cause. In our vineyards the snail finds lots of food and cover while everyone can easily discover and watch them there. It’s not like its going to run away, is it?

Chardonnay Barrique 2015

The Chardonnay grape has always been esteemed as being able to yield excellent white wines. The grape is common in Austria since many decades at least but often referred to by one of its many synonyms like Morillon or Feinburgunder. But that did of course never prevent it from showing its quality which made Chardonnay wines famous and highly-valued all over the world. Barrique Chardonnays occupy a special position here. Fermentation and aging in new small oak barrels lead to a wine with a distinctive international character that stands out from the crowd of typical Austrian white wines.

Tasting notes

This Chardonnay Barrique appears smooth and full bodied. It offers ripe and fruity flavours as well as noticeable smoky barrique tones. The taste is full, long lasting and shows only a slight acidity.

Food suggestion

A wine suited for strong and spicy meals. It is also perfect as an apteritif or if an alternative to red wine is desired.

Ageing potential

5-7 years.


Drinking Temperature: 12° C, Alcohol Content: 13 %vol, Sugar Content: 3.6 g/L, Acidity: 4.2 g/L
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