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A butterfly as logo for the Junger Welschriesling

Gracefully structured like the butterfly.

The species-rich vegetation between the vines of our vineyards offers food and cover for lots of butterflies. Take some time and you can see them sitting on many flowers. And if you are lucky you may even discover some rare ones!

Junger Welschriesling 2015

At the start of every harvest we set out to pick the Junger Welschriesling. For this wine we choose only ripe and highly aromatic grapes which are not yet too sweet. The fermentation happens especially slow and gentle to conserve the delicate flavours of the Junger Welschriesling. Within only a few weeks a juvenile, light and highly aromatic young wine emerges that is bottled and ready to drink in autumn.

Tasting notes

The Junger Welschriesling offers a distinctive highly aromatic experience. It is light and very fruity. The delicate sugar level and the frisky acidity lead to a not too sweet, harmonic and impressive taste.

Food suggestion

Well suited as an aperitif, to a cold meal or to light vegetable dishes. Also ideal for enjoying a few comfy hours in company.

Ageing potential

This wine is meant to be drunk while its young and has its peak within the first year after the harvest.


Drinking Temperature: 12° C, Alcohol Content: 10.5 %vol, Sugar Content: 12.6 g/L, Acidity: 6.7 g/L
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