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Poppies as logo for the Pinot Noir

Bright red like the corn poppy.

Every spring poppies cover vineyard rows, waysides and embankments with their bright red flowers. This attracts lots of insects that are after the nectar. Therefore poppies are not only very beautiful but also play an important role in supporting the biodiversity of an organic vineyard.

Pinot Noir 2015

The Pinot Noir is commonly considered to be one of the best and most precious red wine varieties of the world and is likely one of the oldes as well. In Austria Pinot grapes are known since the Middle Ages and can be found in almost all wine-growing regions of the country. The Pinot Noir loves the warm climate of the area around Lake Neusiedl. It ripens early and the wines are generally very full bodied and offer a tremendously rich bouquet.

Tasting notes

This Pinot Noir shines garnet-red in its glass and develops an intense red berry like bouquet with hints of roasted wood flavours. On the palate it is strong, still fruity and has noticeable tannins. Its long lasting tops of the impression with complexity.

Food suggestion

This Pinot Noir suits to a grand dinner, to roasted or cooked beef, game as well as to pies.

Ageing potential

Needs 2-3 years after the harvest to reach its optimum. Can easily kept from 4-6 years or longer.


Drinking Temperature: 18° C, Alcohol Content: 13 %vol, Sugar Content: 2.7 g/L, Acidity: 4 g/L
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