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A dragonfly as logo for the Riesling

Gracile perfection like the dragonfly.

Dragonflies are amazingly artistic flyers humming all over the vineyards throughout summer, even on the hottest days. If you just hold out a finger pointing upwards and wait for a short while, one will quite possibly land on it. Then you can admire it from a close distance and enjoy its marvellous sight.

Riesling 2017

The Riesling is often referred to as one of the most noble white wine varieties. Although some other grapes may also reach its tremendous qualities, top Riesling wines are without any doubt among the very best white wines of the world. Around Lake Neusiedl the Riesling can be found everywhere but generally to a much lesser extent than other grapes. The wines do however reach outstanding qualities in our area. They typically develop a rich flowery bouquet and always offer an appealingly structured acidity, even in warm years.

Tasting notes

This Riesling offers an intensely fruity nose reminiscent of peach flavours and delicate citric impressions. On the palate it’s powerful with distinct acidity and has a balanced body with a lasting finish.

Food suggestion

Goes very well with light vegetable and meat dishes, casseroles and cold buffet.

Ageing potential

At least 4 years.


Drinking Temperature: 12° C, Alcohol Content: 12.5 %vol, Sugar Content: 3.8 g/L, Acidity: 6.6 g/L
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