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A ground squirrel as logo for the St. Laurent

Hidden but lively like the ground squirrel.

Not as commonly known because they can be pretty inconspicuous, there are are quite a few ground squirrels running around in our vineyards. To see them one has to be quiet and watchful but there they are, standing up and looking out for danger. If alerted they quickly disappear, only to come up again somewhere nearby a short time later. Observing that can be quite amusing for a while.

St. Laurent 2017

The St. Laurent is a very old and traditional Austrian grape variety. Its ancestry is entwined by many legends and still unknown. The name is however believed to be derived from the day of St. Laurenzius (August 10th) around which the St. Laurent grapes usually start to change their colour. Wines of St. Laurent are typically deeply coloured, strong and pleasingly mild. Wine enthusiasts often value it as high as Zweigelt and may even prefer the fine Pinot flavours that ripe St. Laurent wines show. In past decades St. Laurent seemed to be somewhat out of fashion but due to its high potential it is now much valued and growing in importance again.

Tasting notes

This St. Laurent shows a beautiful dark red colour. The flavour is full of ripeness and appears delightfully berrylike. Ripe notes also dominate the taste, fullness and velvety tannins the finish.

Food suggestion

This wine suites excellently to a refined meal accompanying foods like game, dark meat noodles and of course cheese.

Ageing potential

Reaches its optimum two years after the harvest. Can be kept at least for over five years.


Drinking Temperature: 17° C, Alcohol Content: 12.5 %vol, Sugar Content: 2.6 g/L, Acidity: 5.1 g/L
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