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Icewine 2018

Eiswein (Icewine) is a very special wine and one of the most remarkable products that we have because it is exclusively made from completely frozen grapes. The temperature at the harvest has to be at least as low as -7° Celsius. Then the water in the grapes freezes and the concentrated, sugar-rich extract can be pressed out gently. This produces a very rich and sweet juice but the yield is rather low.

In 2018 we were extremely lucky because the required low temperatures were reached just after mid November but only for a couple of hours. We took the chance and harvested our first Icewine since 2003 - it is not easy in times of global warming! For that reason Icewine is always a precious and rare product which is highly valued by wine enthusiasts.

There is also a longer story about the 2018 Icewine harvest.

Tasting notes

This sweet wine from Sämling and Welschriesling grapes surprises with a flavourful smell and harmonicly-balanced acidity. Its fruity but not excessive character leaves an exceptionally aromatic impression.

Food suggestion

Icewine is always good with cheese, with dessert at a big banquet or just for enjoying a glass of sun and ice.

Ageing potential

This wine already gives a lot of drinking pleasure. It can however be stored almost indefinitely because its concentrated constituents have a very positive effect on the further aging process.


Drinking Temperature: 10° C, Alcohol Content: 10 %vol, Sugar Content: 122.3 g/L, Acidity: 6.2 g/L
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