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A deer as logo for the Canopus

Big and majestic like the roe deer.

Roe deers are among the biggest animals that can be found in our vineyards. Usually they prefer open fields but the rich food they can find in the vineyards does attract them as well sometimes. Normally they stay way clear of pople but from time to time they can be surprised and watched from close distance - from behind running away of course.

Canopus 2019

Canopus is our premium Cuvée that we create from our best red wines only in good vintages. Every time we decide anew which varieties to blend for this special wine after they have been aged individually in new small oakwood barrels for about one year. In doing so we always aim for the best quality possible and every vintage will develop its distinctive character. All wines that we find worthy of being called Canopus share one thing. They are characterised by the strive for quality and definitely a great experience to taste.

Tasting notes

The Canopus shimmers bright red in its glass. In the nose there are fruity notes of berries and cassis, flanked by delicate roasted aromas. On the palate it is full-bodied, complex and offers elegant tannins.

Food suggestion

This wine is an ideal accompaniment to strong dishes such as steak, beef roulades or game stew. The Canopus also goes well with cheese or dark chocolate and is an excellent highlight for special culinary occasions.

Ageing potential

Needs two to four years after the harvest to reach its optimum but has te potential to be stored for at least five more years.


Drinking Temperature: 18° C, Alcohol Content: 13 %vol, Sugar Content: 1.3 g/L, Acidity: 5.6 g/L
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