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Pleasantly sweet, and aromatic like flower nectar.

Bees are welcome guests in our vineyards. We don’t need them to pollinate our vines, but they are an important part of any healthy ecosystem. That’s why we always remember to have enough flowering plants when sowing green manure in our vineyards. The bees have a hard enough time these days anyway.

Sämling 2019

The just about one-hundred years old Sämling, or Scheurebe cultivar is renowned for highly aromatic wines with an outstanding bouquet. Because of that, it is our most important grape for noble-sweet dessert wines like Icewine or Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA). When the grapes are harvestet while they are fully ripe but have not yet started to dry and concentrate, one can yield unbelievably aromatic wines ideally suited for a slight to medium sweet style. These wines almost jump out of their glass, always impressing with their fruity flavours.

Tasting notes

This semi-sweet Sämling presents a rich bouquet and full aroma. The flavour reminds one of ripe fruits and some berries, typical for this great grape. On the palate it is refined, smooth and not overly sweet. Its delicately balanced acidity hints to a great ageing potential.

Food suggestion

A great fit for milder cheese varieties, fruity desserts but also for aromatic, spicy food.

Ageing potential

This wine already gives a lot of drinking pleasure but does refine even more within the next three or four years.


Drinking Temperature: 12° C, Alcohol Content: 11.5 %vol, Sugar Content: 39.7 g/L, Acidity: 6 g/L
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