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A bottle of Neusiedlersee DAC Zweigelt
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A stork as logo for the Neusiedlersee DAC Zweigelt

Distincitve and majestic like the stork.

The stork is without question the unofficial heraldic animal of the Burgenland. Storks are an impressive sight on the ground as well as in the air. Quite often they can be seen nearby while working in the vineyards. They hunt for worms and mice and because nobody would think about harming them, they have become less shy over time. It does sometimes happen that a stork lingers very close to people or machines and just minds its own business without being disturbed at all.

Neusiedlersee DAC Zweigelt 2020

Zweigelt is an indigenous Austrian grape and nowadays probably the most important of all our reds. In the early 20th century, our family was among the first who planted these then new vines in Gols, the present Zweigelt capital of the world. This allows us to look back on many great vintages and gave us decades of experience with this fine grape that we are very fond of.

NEUSIEDLERSEE DAC stands for a Zweigelt that is just at home here. Soil, climate and winemaking experience together form an authentically styled, likeable-fruity wine that is characteristic for the grape as well as the Neusiedlersee growing region.

Neusiedlersee DAC Logo Badge

Tasting notes

Our NEUSIEDLERSEE DAC shines red-violet in the glass. The bouquet shows playful cherry aromas and on the palate it is finely fruity, mild and very harmonious. Simply a typical representative of a Zweigelt from the Neusiedlersee wine-growing region.

Food suggestion

Zweigelt is enjoyed along with many meat or pasta dishes, casseroles, in quiet moments and whenever you feel like it.

Ageing potential

Reaches its optimum about 1-2 years after the harvest. Can be easily kept for 4-5 or more years.


Drinking Temperature: 17° C, Alcohol Content: 12.5 %vol, Sugar Content: 2.2 g/L, Acidity: 5.2 g/L
Sonnenmulde Bioweine - DI Andreas Schreiner - Goldbergstraße 2, 7122 Gols Österreich/Austria - -