Budding vine shoot Bursting vine bud Andreas and Kathrin Sonnenmulde wine bottles Grapevines and an oaktree in spring before the start of the growing season Barrique storage Young shoot with first leafes and grapes shortly after it started to grow Barrique casks View towards the winery View towards the illuminated winery at night Vineyard in spring before it starts to grow

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Sonnenmulde Bioweine
Familie Schreiner
Goldbergstraße 2
A-7122 Gols

Tel.: +43 (0)2173 2249
Web: https://www.sonnenmulde.at
e-Mail: weingut@sonnenmulde.at


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Gols is situated at a driving distance of 50 minutes from Vienna and 40 minutes from the Vienna International Airport near the northern shores of Lake Neusiedl. To find us simply follow the instructions printed below:

There are also train and bus connections between Gols and Vienna. Trains between Gols and Vienna Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) leave hourly during the day, busses also leave hourly between Gols and Bahnhof Wien Mitte - Landstraße (Vienna Central Train Station). The trip time is around one hour in both cases. For exact times please take a look at the website of the Austrian Railway - ÖBB.

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You can always contact us via e-mail to weingut@sonnenmulde.at or you may use our contact form instead:

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