The Sonnenmulde Estate Winery with its 16 hectars of vineyards is managed by the Schreiner family. We are situated in Gols on the northern edge of the Seewinkel region in Burgenland, a federal state of Austria. Our growing area is divided almost equally between white and red grapes which is reflected in our assortment that also includes great sweet wines. Individualised and experienced work in all stages of wine creation, which can ideally be done in a family business where everyone is involved wholeheartedly, leads to wines that bring joy to more and more people all over the world.

The name Sonnenmulde

Vine crowned sun - logo of the Sonnenmulde Estate WineryThe winery has been owned and run by the Schreiner's as a family business since generations. Decades back it was our grandfather Lorenz Schreiner who took the name Sonnenmulde (German for "sun-hollow") that until then referred to only one vineyard situated in a warm and sun-blessed hollow, and used it for the winery. Thus the Sonnenmulde Estate Winery was born. Our logo, the vine-crowned sun also dates back to that time and since then stands for the sun-kissed liquids from our vineyards.

Organic Wines

View into an organic vineyardIn 2007 we switched the winery entirely to organic production methods. We have always been very sensible towards our environment and our vineyards. It is no secret that only a healthy environment can support healthy vines that in turn yield great high quality grapes. Following many years of careful and thoughtful work in the vineyards we finally decided to fully and officially convert the winery into a certified organic farm and have had great success with it since then. To make this decision more visible and to show what else lives in an organic vineyard except vines whe have selected some local animals and plants to represent our wines on their labels. All of them can be found in our vineyards, a few are common, others are rare but each each one shares some characteristic or a little fact with the wine they stand for.

It's a joy to produce great wines from ripe and healthy organic grapes. All of our wines are fermented gently and are given plenty of time to settle, age and to become ready for drinking. We are proud of our old traditional wine cellar with big oakwood barrels that are combined with modern winemaking equipment where needed and beneficial.

Butterfly, the icon for the Junger Welschriesling

The Philosophy

Andreas and Hans in the red wine cellar.Awareness of tradition and affinity to nature are most important for the creation of our wines. On the other hand, the winemakers Hans and Andreas do not refuse new ideas by default. Because not every tradition is good simply for the reason that things have always been done this way, just as not every new trend is a smart thing to follow. It is indeed very important for both of them to combine modern winemaking techniques that add to wine quality with old traditional methods wherever reasonable and possible. The Schreiner's simply call this Tradinnovation.

In the Sonnenmulde Estate Winery personal work is much valued. If in the vinyards, the wine cellar or when talking to customers, someone of our family is always involved and cares about it. That way we can ensure the very best wine quality, the best customer service and of course their maximum satisfaction. Additionally it is also easy for us to stay in direct contact with you, our customers. We like that!

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