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Panoramic view of gols in winter with white with snow Sonnenmulde wine bottles Andreas and Kathrin Barrique storage Barrique casks Vineyard in deep snow View towards the winery View towards the illuminated winery at night Panoramic view of gols in winter with no snow


An overview of our comprehensive assortment including all our current wines together with descriptions, tasting notes and advice on ageing and drinking potential. Of course we also provide a few hints about how to skillfully combine our wines with different foods. Additionally we offer printable information as well as high resolution bottle photos for download.

Here you can find our current wine assortment. In addition, there is also a listing by vintage as well as a collected list of all the awards our wines have won over the years.

White Wines

Red and Rosé Wines » Special and Dessert Wines » 

Red and Rosé Wines

White Wines » Special and Dessert Wines » 

Special and Dessert Wines

White Wines » Red and Rosé Wines »