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Barrique storage Barrique casks View towards the illuminated winery at night Andreas and Kathrin Vineyard in deep snow View towards the winery Panoramic view of gols in winter with white with snow Panoramic view of gols in winter with no snow Sonnenmulde wine bottles


Every year presents new challenges to a winemaker. Our soils are given, the climate is set by our growing region but the weather provides suspence and influences every year’s work. Experience of many vintages, a watchful eye on nature and a sense for its development are necessary for the aspired outcome - the very best quality of the harvested grapes.

Vintage 2023

Almost too good.

Vintage 2021

Late start, terrific autumn.

Vintage 2022

Hot, dry but with a good ending.

Vintage 2020

Good vintage with lots of time at home.

Vintage 2019

Dry weather, fully ripe grapes.