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Vineyard as Nursery

Monday, June 25, 2012

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A very small fawn rests next to the stem of a vine and raises its head.
Fawn in the Vineyard.

Organic vineyards offer a natural living environment not only for our vines but also for many anymals and plants that find their home between them. So, walking through the vines oberservantly in the spring can lead to some truly great sightings.

Spring’s over for a few days now, but here are some pictures of what can be found thriving in our vineyards in that season. The greening between our vines forms a nice habitat not only for plants and small critters, bigger animals like it as well. The greater mammals of our area use the plant cover to hide their young from the watchful eyes of predators and people alike.

Three small hares hide huddled closely together on the ground between the leaves of green herbs.
Small hares in between the vineyard's green manure.

While the pups are very young, only a few days of age, they do not run away from danger but depend on their camouflage for protection. Usually that works out quite well for them. Sometimes tough one can find them hiding under some plants and that’s how the photos of a fawn and baby hares above were made. Been Lucky that day! But take care, discreetly taking picutres is fine, touching is not! The pups would be abandoned by their mother and thus have to die.

So always have your eyes open but also keep your distance!

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