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Yellow rape blossoms between rows of grapevines Grapevines and an oaktree in spring before the start of the growing season View towards the illuminated winery at night View towards the winery Sonnenmulde wine bottles Barrique storage Young shoot with first leafes and grapes shortly after it started to grow Bursting vine bud Rainbow above the vineyards of Gols Andreas and Kathrin [i18n] 5-Weingartenbegruenung_Phacelia Vineyard in spring before it starts to grow Barrique casks Budding vine shoot

The planting of a vineyard - Image Gallery

Thursday, April 30, 2009

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As announced in our last post, we did plant a new vineyard just recently. Following the Announcement we have of course not only planted the vineyard but also made lots of pictures four you to see. So, if you always wanted to know how a vineyard is created, this is your chance. Come and have a look!

The work took us the whole day but it was a very nice and satisfying one. Pictures do of course say much more than words, so look through the gallery and enjoy. Every step of the vineyard’s creation is documented by one or more photos and a fitting descriptio

The field before the work - At first the subsoil is loosened.

Measuring the distance between rows - Not too close to the neighbours!

Old but reliable,

Hammering support rods into the ground.

All support rods are up - The vines can now be planted next to them.

Digging holes - It's much easier when using a water drill.

The vine goes into the planting hole ...

... is inserted almost completely ...

... and the soil is compacted by stepping on it.

Distributing the pillars - They will later on support the trellis.

Pushing the pillars into the ground - Isn't it nice to have a tractor for the really hard stuff.

Everything's in line - The end of a hard day's work.

As you can see there are still some things missing. We still have to put up the wires that form the trellis as well as nets that protect the young growing vines from beeing eaten by rabbits or deer. This will be done within the next week or two and we will post some pitures of it afterwards as well.

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