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A bottle of Beerenauslese

In a Beerenauslese (BA), the grapes are already overripe and partly affected by botrytis. The best berries are hand-picked in late fall and then pressed. The resulting juice is already so sweet that wines fermented from it will always contain residual sugar. In most cases, however, their sweetness is slightly more moderate than that of a Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA). A Beerenauslese is therefore more suitable for a number of occasions as an even sweeter dessert wine.

NEUSIEDLERSEE DAC RESERVE stands for a noble sweet dessert wine as it is only produced here at Lake Neusiedl. The unique growing conditions, the climate and the experience in vinification combine in an exemplary manner to create an impressive representative of its kind: a powerful essence of nature and wine culture on Lake Neusiedl.

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