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A bottle of Donauriesling

Donauriesling is a new grape variety that was created by crossing Riesling with fungus-resistant vines. As early as in the 1970s, efforts were made to combine the great quality potential of Riesling with the robust growing characteristics of American vines, and only 40 years later, the results of these efforts are now arriving in viticulture. A direct comparison with Riesling reveals many similarities with subtle differences. In blind tastings, however, it has already happened to us that we no longer knew which wine was in which glass after a while. We think that this is quite extraordinary!

Our Donauriesling is a new vineyard in its third year of planting. The three-year conversion period for organic wines is therefore not yet over and the wine is not officially certified organic. It is of course cultivated in the same way as all our wines, but the Biologo will only be awarded next year.