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Sauvignon Blanc semi-dry 2006

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A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc semi-dry

The Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best known wine varieties worldwide. In Austria it is most respected for its especially fine, highly aromatic and fruity wines which are with their pithy acidity ideal food companions. In the warm times of the year, Austrian Sauvignon Blancs are also always a hot tip while sipped cold. Our Sauvignon Blancs from the Seewinkel are generally very aromatic, fruity and offer a hearty ripe overall impression with a palatable acidity.

Tasting notes

The semi dry Sauvignon Blanc 2006 appeals with slight tones of elderflower and fruity notes. Its taste is elegant and almost dry. The tiny bit of sweetness perfectly distinguishes the Sauvignon Blancs fine flavours.

Food suggestion

This wine is ideally suited as an aperitif. The small but noticeable residual sugar content, combined with the full body have an inspiring and appetizing effect. It also serves well to a great range of stronger food that would otherwise be too intense for a light and dry white wine.

Ageing potential

Best to drink within two or three years after the harvest.


Drinking Temperature:
12┬░ C
Alcohol Content:
12.7 %vol
Sugar Content:
11.1 g/L
6.4 g/L
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