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Vineyard in deep snow Panoramic view of gols in winter with white with snow Barrique casks Panoramic view of gols in winter with no snow Sonnenmulde wine bottles View towards the winery View towards the illuminated winery at night Andreas and Kathrin Vineyard in spring before it starts to grow Barrique storage Grapevines and an oaktree in spring before the start of the growing season


At the winery

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You are invited to visit us for a backstage tour of our winery. We are happy to give you some insights into the origin of our wines and you can of course also enjoy a tast and even buy some bottles while you are here.

Big Glass sliding door with two open wings. Through that the tasting rom with tables and a bar are visible.
Tasting room in the winery.

Please give us a short notice before you drop in. Otherwise we might just be out in the vineyards and you’ll be standing in front of closed doors. That would be sad indeed. But if you can’t make it, there is always the Sonnemulde Tasting Box for a nice at home tasting.


Our wines are available from selected Distributors in and Austria and abroad. Take a look at the listing ouf our partners to find those that are close to you or can be reached online.


We will also ship wines diretly to your home and even deliver them ourselves if possible. If that is not an option, we will send them by parcel service. We do participate at various exhibitions and wine presentations to show our wines and offer tasting possibilities. All event dates as well as details on how to contact us can be found here on our website.


We also offer a webshop for convenient ordering and home delivery. The webshop is maintained by us but operated externally. Follow the link to the separate store page.

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