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Vineyard in deep snow Andreas and Kathrin Barrique storage Panoramic view of gols in winter with no snow Barrique casks Sonnenmulde wine bottles View towards the illuminated winery at night Panoramic view of gols in winter with white with snow View towards the winery

Tasting time

Monday, February 6, 2017

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Years do start calmly in our winery. Activities are not too urgent and we can attend to the winter pruning without much hurry. But that work is now almost done and other things start to become more important. Still there is time before the year really gets going when the vines bud in spring. And this is, we think, the best time for wine tastings!

Tastings are fun all around the year of course. But between January and early April we have the best chance to present our vines directly to our customers. We’re on the road a lot, taking part at fairs and wine-tastings all around. It’s great to meet as many people as possible, tasting and talking wine as well as enjoying interesting exchanges. Since we spend a lot of time in vineyards and cellar during the rest of the season, this is something we do look forward to every year.

Take the chance if we’re in your neck of the woods. Upcoming dates and venues can always be found directly on our homepage!

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