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Summer goes on.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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We’re currently enjoying a brief drop in temperatures but the next heat wave with 35° C is already predicted for later this week. The summer has been hot to the extreme and we can feel that just as well as our vines.

There’s not too much to report in summer. We’re busy working out in the vineyards of course. But weeding and tending to the vines, while being very important, do not make for a great story. And the fact that this has to be done during the hottest time of the year does not help. One has to be very mindful of that though, going out early, staying clear of the midday sun if at all possible and wearing long clothes for sun protection are all important. Having a glass of cold White Spritz in the evening is on the other hand even better after such a day’s work.

Luckily, the end ist in sight. Red Wine grapes have alredy turned blue and are softening quickly. The summer’s work in the vineyards is done and we count days not weeks until the harvest. Our plan is to crush grape juice next week, the main picking season will then start in early September.

Looking back the season has turned out pretty good despite it’s cold start. Late frost was manageable as were the damages from hailstorms. No total losses this year which is great! The next weeks will decide everything. We’re going to have a lot of work to do but it will pay off! Soon we’ll be able to raise the first glass of 2017!

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