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Fairs and deliveries, current state

Saturday, March 14, 2020

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It remains exciting. Every day offers new surprises and upsets our plans. Well, that’s the same for us as for everyone else in Europe, and we’ll get along just as well.

Our recently announced participation at the Tyrolean Wine Fair is of course cancelled. Nevertheless we will come to deliver or wines to Tyrol as soon as possible! Whether it will really be in the week after the 23rd of March we honestly cannot say yet.

If you have already ordered something, we will keep you informed by phone when we will come by. If you need our wines for a celebration or at a specific date before our delivery tour, we will gladly send them by parcel post. The delivery services will continue to work as it looks like at the moment.

A little further in the future lies the “SCHAU” in Dornbirn. This fair has also been postponed, but we don’t know anything more precise yet. Of course, we will also deliver to Vorarlberg in April. The same applies here as for Tyrol.

We are of course happy to receive orders, even if this time tasting is not possible for many of you. Our wines are of course still as good as before the Corona virus crisis, and 2019 was a very good vintage anyway.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy and maybe you can spend some more pleasant time at home with a good glass of wine. We do the same!

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