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Eiswein 2003

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A bottle of Eiswein

Eiswein (Icewine) is a very special wine, one of the most remarkable products that we have and it is exclusively made from completely frozen grapes. The temperature at the harvest has to be at least as low as -7° Celsius. The water in the grapes freezes at this temperature and the concentrated, sugar-rich extract is then pressed out gently. This produces a very rich and sweet juice but the yield is very low. In our area sufficiently low temperatures normally occur in December nights but may never be reached at all in some years. Therefore Icewine is always a precious and rare product which is highly valued by wine enthusiasts.

Icewine harvest by hand, 25th of Dezember 2003

This very Eiswein 2003 made out of Sämling (Scheurebe) grapes has been harvested on December the 25th at 5 a.m. This truly qualifies it as an original Christmas wine.

Tasting notes

This very sweet wine with its spicy aroma and full taste is a typical Sämling with a high but elegant acidity. Its sweetness and the icy touch make it very intriguing.

Food suggestion

Icewine is always good with cheese, with dessert at a big banquet or just for enjoying a glass of sun and ice.

Ageing potential

This wine gives a lot of drinking pleasure about a year after its harvest already. It can however be stored almost indefinitely because its concentrated constituents have a very positive effect on the further aging process.


Drinking Temperature:
12° C
Alcohol Content:
9.8 %vol
Sugar Content:
224.6 g/L
6.9 g/L
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United States Beverage Tasting Institute, Chicago, 2006

Highly Recommended - 87 points.