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St. Laurent 2020

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A bottle of St. Laurent

St. Laurent is a very old traditional Austrian grape variety. Its origin is surrounded by many legends, since it is unknown to this day. The name probably comes from the day of St. Laurenzius (August 10) around which grapes usually begin to turn color. St. Laurent wines are typically deep dark coloured, powerful and pleasantly mild. Among wine connoisseurs, St. Laurent enjoys a reputation comparable to that of Zweigelt, some even prefer the fine Burgundy notes that ripe St. Laurent wines display. Due to its excellent qualities, St. Laurent is nowadays more popular than in the past, when it seemed to be a bit out of fashion.

Tasting notes

This St. Laurent shows a beautiful dark red color. The aroma is ripe and shows fine berry notes. Fullness, mild and velvety tannins dominate the finish.

Food suggestion

This wine is excellent with a fine meal as an accompaniment to many kinds of meat and pasta dishes.

Ageing potential

Reaches its optimum two years after the harvest. Can be kept at least for four to five years.

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Drinking Temperature:
17┬░ C
Alcohol Content:
12.5 %vol
Sugar Content:
3.2 g/L
4.8 g/L
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