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All new Vinotheque

Monday, March 9, 2015

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Bottles with old labels on a table in front of the vinotheque's shelves.
Old treasures from the vintage 1981.

Our big rebuilding and renovation project is slowly coming to an end, finally. Following many months of busy work only the last steps are left and one can increasingly see the results. May we present - Our all new Vinothque, vault and storage for our special bottle reserves.

An elongated room with stone walls on the left and at the head end where there is also a door. The right wall is taken up by shelves with compartments for wine bottles.
View into the new vinotheque.

There are still a few little things missing but we think the Vinotheque looks great already. Finally we now have an ideal place to keep all the old bottles that we set aside for our personal reserve every year. In the past we have kept our wines quite good and well climatised but unfortunately all of them were buried withing boxes and boxes. So it was almost impossible to get to them and taste a bottle or two. That’s now changed. The new shelves let us easily reach all the wines while they are also great to look upon and well stored. Great tastings may result of this!

An electric pallet jack in the vinotheque. Behind it Renate at a table sorting bottles
Sorting the old bottles.

This was our occupation in the past few days. We sorted through all the old bottles, cleaning them, re-sealing them with wax and throwing away spoiled ones that can always be found with wines as old as these. Our oldest bottles date from 1942. We also have some from the 1960s and starting from vintage 1979, we kept at least a few of the best wines from every year.

On a table there are bottles from which the labels have partially come off.
Re-attaching bottle labels.

As you can see, we even had to reattach some of the old labels, lots of work but to a great result! The picture shows a Trockenbeerenauslese 1979 in Bocksbeutel flasks. We haven’t seen these in use for decades in our area.

The work is done, our new Vinotheque is open. See you there - soon!

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