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View towards the illuminated winery at night Sonnenmulde wine bottles Barrique storage Rows of grapevines in summer, about 1 month befor the harvest View towards the winery Andreas and Kathrin View of vineards starting to change leafe colours in autumn People at manual wine harvest Late harvest while the leafes show first autumn colours Trailer filled with fresh grapes at the harvest Sun rises through ground fog while wind turbines tower above the vineyards Barrique casks Autumn colored vineyards around Gols Vineyard next to a forest, autumn colored leafes Hillside vineyard with autumn colored leafes

News 2014

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Found in our Vinotheque

2014-12-16 - 11:30
1981 TBA in a Bocksbeutel bottle.

A small treasure found in our vinotheque. A 1981 vintage Trockenbeerenauslese from Pinot Blanc grapes. It’s 33 years old and still an excellent drink.

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Young Wines

2014-10-25 - 17:00
A bottle and a glass with some wine stand on a white counter. In the background there is an illuminated picture of a vineyard.
Young Welschriesling ready to be enjoyed.

Almost exactly this time every year, our first young wines of the new vintage arrive ready to taste and drink.

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Wine Harvest 2014

2014-09-30 - 18:05

This year’s wine harvest is not yet fully completed, but most of our grapes have been picked by now, leaving only the late ripening Cabernet Sauvignon awaiting it’s harvest. Thus it is already time fo a first overview of the current vintage.

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Organic Grape Juice 2014

2014-09-13 - 10:00
Kathrin is standing with a glass of grape juice next to a stack of red painted barrique barrels which serve as decoration in the garden.
The first glass of 2014 grape juice.

The 2014 harvest has started! Most of our grapes still need a little while bevor they are ripe enough for picking but some don’t even have to become too sweet.

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Grape Ripening

2014-07-28 - 11:00
Close up of a single grape on a vine, where some berries are already blue, while others are still unripe-green.
Zweigelt grapes begin to ripen.

Time is running and soon this year’s harvest will start.There is still some time left but the first red grapes are changing their colour already. The picture shows current Zweigelt grapes. They’ll completely grow blue within the next few days and start to soften as well. Only six to eight weeks until the harvest starts but that depends on the weather in August!

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The real stork

2014-06-15 - 17:41
Two pictures, one of a stork at the pond, one of a bottle of wine.
White Stork at the pond and a bottle of Neusiedlersee DAC.

In the vineyards we see storks from time to time and thus it found its way on our Neusiedlersee DAC bottles acting as a symbol for the wine. But sometimes a stork comes pays a visit to our home as well and that is indeed a special occasion for us as well! Here a nice specimen has choosen our garden pond for drinking and to hunt for some frogs. This happened while we were sitting only a few meters away having lunch. If that doesn’t call for a bottle of DAC I don’t know what would!

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2014-06-15 - 16:45
A bottle of Rosé with the 'Finalist' award.

No it’s not about the Football World Cup. Still, our Rosé 2013 got to the Finals. The Finals of the Burgenland Wine Competition 2014 that is. Out of almost 1500 wines, the 5 best of every category were selected by professional wine tasters and competed against each other for the first place and “State Winner” in a final tasting.

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Spring 2014

2014-03-19 - 14:00
An almond tree in bloom under a cloudless sky on the wayside next to the vineyards. The vines are still in hibernation and have no leaves yet.
Flowering almond tree in the spring.

Winter was short and also quite warm and that has its effects on our environment. Nature is already developing, plants start budding and the animals are waking up from hibernation.

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Into the new year.

2014-01-19 - 16:16

Hey! Just turned around and it’s 2014 already. Time is running fast and we’re keeping ourselves busy. We took a little break over the holiday season and are now striving refreshed into the new year.

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