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Rainbow above the vineyards of Gols Yellow rape blossoms between rows of grapevines View towards the winery Vineyard in spring before it starts to grow Budding vine shoot [i18n] 5-Weingartenbegruenung_Phacelia Andreas and Kathrin Barrique storage View towards the illuminated winery at night Grapevines and an oaktree in spring before the start of the growing season Young shoot with first leafes and grapes shortly after it started to grow Barrique casks Sonnenmulde wine bottles Bursting vine bud

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Spring Work

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Andreas with a large clamping collet tensioning wire in the vineyard.
Andreas tensioning wires

It’s quieter in our vineyards in the winter months. That really is the case, but only in direct comparison to summer. Because although the work is not so pressing now, there is always something to do. Winter pruning, the biggest chunk of work, has now been completed practically everywhere. But there are still a few important jobs to do before the vines sprout

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