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Capella 2004

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A bottle of Capella

Capella is or Premium-Zweigelt. It is selected from the best grapes of the vintage 2004. Thorough barrel ageing and ripe flavours complement to a jutting red wine with great potential which is much appreciated by wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. This wine represents the style of Zweigelt that brought it much respect from all over the world in recent years. Its name is derived from Capella, a bright star in the nights sky, inspired by the stardom of the Zweigelt variety and also by our Premium-Cuveé Canopus. Together, Capella and Canopus form a exclusive team, fixed stars in red wine heaven.

Tasting notes

The Capella 2004 glistens wit a ruby-red core and violet reflections when poured into the glass. Its bouquet is rich and complex. It starts with the typical distinguishing cherrylike fruitiness of a Zweigelt and then developes a strong and ripe flavour reminescent of dark berries preserved in rum and sugar. This impression is even more supported by a tenderly smoky tone. The taste of the wine is tenderly tart and it and offers ripe tannins with an opulent structure.

Food suggestion

Being a very strong Zweigelt this wine goes especially well with red meat and game.

Ageing potential

Needs 2 to 5 years to reach its optimum. After that it will at least be good to drink for an equally long time.


Drinking Temperature:
18° C
Alcohol Content:
13.9 %vol
Sugar Content:
2.2 g/L
5.2 g/L
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