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Gewürztraminer Auslese 2004

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A bottle of Gewürztraminer Auslese

The Gewürztraminer is one of the oldest wine cultivars in the world. According to current knowledge it has been used to produce wine for the last two or three millenia at least. Nowadays it is still common im many parts of Europe, although it has only minor importance when compared to well known and widespread varieties. It is however everywhere valued as a speciality by conoisseurs but mostly overlooked by the public. At the same time the Traminer offers one of the most intense tasting sensations in the entire wine world due to its unique and unusually intense aroma. Grapes of this variety are harvested when they are already very ripe and thus yield strong and highly aromatic wines with a discreet acidity.

Tasting notes

This sweet Gewürztraminer Auslese 2004 impresses with a highly coloured golden-yellow appearance which is typic for this variety. The aroma is extremely intense and dominated by spicy flavours not unlike cinnamon. For really appreciating this wine you have to be willing to appreciate its very special features.

Food suggestion

Enjoyed on its own, with a very flavourful dessert or a strong cheese this Traminer will impress you with all its qualities.

Ageing potential

This wine already gives a lot of drinking pleasure and is ready to drink now. It can however be stored almost indefinitely because its concentratet constituents have a very positive effect on the further aging process.

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Drinking Temperature:
12° C
Alcohol Content:
12 %vol
Sugar Content:
71.9 g/L
6 g/L
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AWC - Austrian Wine Challenge 2006

Silver Medal, 88 points “Highly Recommended”

United States Beverage Tasting Institute, Chicago, 2006

Highly Recommended - 87 points.