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Zweigelt Rebe 2005

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A bottle of Zweigelt Rebe

The Zweigelt is the star among the Austrian red wine varieties. The reason for this is the great versatility of this notable variety. Under skillful treatment the Zweigelt can yield fruity and velvety as well as heavy and full red wines with a sturdy tannin structure. Good Zweigelt wines can easily be compared to renowned international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon. Yet the character of a Zweigelt always remains likable, easy to drink and charming on the palate. The lighter of our Zweigelt variants is named Zweigelt Rebe. It is developed in classical Austrian style in big oak barrels, not too heavy and therefore an ideal everyday wine.

Tasting notes

Our Zweigelt Rebe 2005 shines with a strong red colour in the glass. Its aroma is reminiscent of cherries and dark fruits. The taste is tender-tart, not too strong and pleasingly smooth on the palate.

Food suggestion

Zweigelt Rebe is best served with light meat, noodles, in unhurried moments or whenever you just like to.

Ageing potential

Reaches its optimum 1-2 years after the harvest. Can be kept for 4-5 years.


Drinking Temperature:
18° C
Alcohol Content:
13.3 %vol
Sugar Content:
5.7 g/L
4.7 g/L
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