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Autumn colored vineyards around Gols Andreas and Kathrin Late harvest while the leafes show first autumn colours Barrique storage Trailer filled with fresh grapes at the harvest Vineyard next to a forest, autumn colored leafes Barrique casks View towards the illuminated winery at night Sun rises through ground fog while wind turbines tower above the vineyards View towards the winery People at manual wine harvest View of vineards starting to change leafe colours in autumn Sonnenmulde wine bottles Hillside vineyard with autumn colored leafes

Vintage 2014

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2014 was an unusual year. Spring started out normal or even good but the year then changed into a pretty wet summer. This was a somewhat new experience for our usually rather droughty wine growing area. But that’s how it was. Less sun meant less sugar in the grapes and so 2014 was no vintage for heavy, alcohol-rich wines. On the other hand, the wines did turn out with exceptional fruitiness, reds and whites alike!

The yield was quite low this year. Humidity can also spoil grapes and thus we had to very carefully and manually select only the good ones at the harvest.That reduced the yield again but the wine qualities we produced in the end were worth every bit of the work.

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