The Pinot Blanc is an old, traditional white wine grape and well known in almost every notable wine growing region on earth. Everywhere the Pinot Blanc is much renowned and developed in many variations. Picking the grapes when they are already overripe and fermenting all their sugar afterwards gives rise to powerful wines with lots of smoothnes, substance and lasting potential.

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Tasting Notes:

This Pinot Blanc Aperitif appears smooth and full bodied. It offers a typical Pinot Blanc nose while being strong and long lasting on the palate. Ageing potential!

Food Suggestion:

A wine best suited as an aperitif that prepares your palate for upcoming treats.

Aging Potential:

More than 10 years

Drinking Temperature:

12° C

Alcohol Content:

14.5 %vol

Sugar Content:

1 g/L


4.7 g/L