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Labels, all-new!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Examples of our new labels.

There is something going on at the Sonnenmulde Estate Winery. After a long and thorough consideration we decided to give our wines a new look. We already gave a quick preview on this website a few days ago but here comes all the associated background information for you to enjoy. Everything about our all-new wine labels!

The labels we used until now provided a first visual impression of our wines for almost 15 years and only our really long-time customers will remember the labels we had before that. But after all this time we let them retire and are prepared for something new. That goes nicely with the other big change in our winery, our official certification as an all-organic farm. We did not really plan for that but it’s very fitting nontheless.

Big changes have to be thought through carefully and that’s just what we did. It took us over a year from the decision to create new labels until whe had the final designs ready. But since they will visually represent our wines for many vintages to come this was time well spent. Now you can take a look and decide how you like them.

Still the most important piece is the sun that already stood for our vinery for decades and is easily recogniseable. Adding to it we have chosen a symbol vor every wine variety, all of them either animals or plants that live in and around our vinyards and that share some characteristic with the wine. Finally a big “S” stands for Schreiner, for the Sun and for the Sonnenmulde Estate Winery - connecting all elements on the label in a harmonic fashion.

Another thing that’s really different about our new labels is their colour. They are more understated, elegant and timeless than the old more colourful ones.

At this year’s autumn fairs we’ll bring some bottles with us to see and touch. Of course none of the 2010 vintage wines will be harvested until then but we’re already low on some old red wine labels. So there will be a few 2009 reds getting the all-new look, as a test run one could say. The Junger Riesling 2010 will then be our first certified organic wine and also have sport the new label. You’ll see, there is really something going on at the Sonnenmulde Estate Winery.

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