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Winter arrives with snow and frost

2010-12-04 - 15:32

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Snow-covered winter vineyards extend on a gentle slope towards the edge of the village of Gols.
Panoramic view of Gols in the Winter.

It took a long time this year but now winter has definitely come to gols with ice and snow and everything else. The land is covered by a thick layer of snow now and the vinyards get some rest for a while.

Walking through the vinyards one can now enjoy almost complete tranquility. Nothing moves and apart from some hares and red deer there is not much live to be seen. Until winter pruning starts next year, nothing happens. The vines are in hibernation and provided it’s not getting too cold over the winter (-15 to 20° C) they will start to grow again with strenght in the spring. Here are some impressions of a walk through the snowy winter-landscape. Just scroll down and have a look.

View over Gols on a frosty day (-6° C).
View over Gols on a frosty day (-6° C).

Snow-covered soil, to the left and right of it leafless rows of vines that extend to the edge of the village in the background.
Snow-covered vinyards.

A snowy path with two tire tracks leads up to a hill. To the left of it is a small forest, to the right is a vineyard.
Snow-covered vinyards.

View of the snowy Wagram of Gols with snowy vineyards.
Snow-covered vinyards.

View over a snowy field. Behind it, a vineyard stretches out, and even further back one sees white wind turbines rising from the hazy ground fog.
Wind power plants in frosty ground fog.
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