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Heat! - And what's with autumn?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

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A cornfield with a slight slope. On both sides vineyards with scattered trees. In the distance the houses of Gols can be seen.
Panoramic view of Gols in the Summer.

We were already under the impression that summer would completely desert us this year but now it’s back - and how it is back! Well, we’re happy about that, just as our grapes are.

The current outsinde temperature is about 35°C (95 F) and the sun is burning down. Our grapes had a good time growing in this year’s relatively humid July and early August and now enjoy ideal ripening weather. We even have to take good care now to not letting them become too sweet, but there are some days left to go still. The grapes are really healthy this year and they are becoming sweeter by the day. But it’s not enough for winemakeing yet. The harvest for grape juice is already in full swing tough.

We are currently preparing for the harvest as well as for the Dornbirn Autumn Fair that will be held from September 7th to the 11th. The harvest will start immediately after the fair and we are already looking forward to taking a lot of good grapes in for transformatin into even greater wines. Harvest time is usually autumn time but if autumn decides to offer this amount of heat - well we won’t complain.

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