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Young Wines 2011 - Cheers!

Friday, October 21, 2011

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Three bottles of our young 2011s.

Just announced and already available - the first young wines of the 2011 vintage are bottled and have passed their first tastings. We find them to have turned out very good which was to be expected in this great wine year. But why not have a try for yourself?

As much as three young wines of the new harvest have found their way into the bottle by now. Junger Welschriesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Blaufränkisch Rosé provide a first glance at the great vintage that 2011 promises to become. The Junger Welschriesling is as always light, fresh, fruity and semi-dry whereas the Sauvinon Blanc and the Rosé are both just as fresh but dry instead.

Now in autumn the time is just right to sit cosily together and enjoy a nice glass of our young wines. You can for example taste them at the 2nd Dornbirn International Hunters and Fishermen Fair from October 21st to 23rd or at the Golser Martiniloben and Day of Open Cellar Doors from November 11th to 13th.

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