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View towards the winery Hillside vineyard with autumn colored leafes View towards the illuminated winery at night Andreas and Kathrin People at manual wine harvest Sonnenmulde wine bottles Rows of grapevines in summer, about 1 month befor the harvest Barrique storage Barrique casks Sun rises through ground fog while wind turbines tower above the vineyards Late harvest while the leafes show first autumn colours Trailer filled with fresh grapes at the harvest Autumn colored vineyards around Gols Vineyard next to a forest, autumn colored leafes View of vineards starting to change leafe colours in autumn

Sonnenmulde Website Museum

Monday, March 21, 2022

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Screenshots of the old Sonnenmulde Websites, arranged in a grid.
Museum Websites

The web is old enough for a museum. In 1999 we started to create our first website, which was then published in 2000. Since then, the web has evolved at incredible speed, and time and again a complete overhaul has been necessary. In these days the speed of change has slowed down a bit, but still we have reached this 5th version of our website in 2020.

Now we present a retrospective of the development of the Sonnenmulde website. Our archived pages of the past, as a museum to click through. Something to smile about for all those who were there “back then”, and to be amazed by for the younger generation.

Follow along for the Sonnenmulde Website Museum.

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