Zweigelt is an indigenous Austrian grape and probably the most important of all our red wine varieties nowadays. Decades ago our family was among the first who planted these then new vines in Gols, today's Zweigelt capital of the world. This allows us not only to look back on many great vintages but also gave us lots of experience with this fine grape that we're very fond of.
The Blauer Zweigelt  Alte Reben (old grapevines) is made from the oldest vines of our winery. When compared to younger ones, the old vinyards yield less but their grapes are much riper, more concentrated and show richer flavours. The resulting wine is therefore darkly coloured, strong and always right for hearty food or for romantic hours.

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Remarkable and typical for the region like the Northern Lapwing. Lapwings are quite common in our region. In summer they can be seen flying acrobatically over the vineyards and their cries can be heard from the distance. Here around Lake Neusiedl they find a favourable habitat with shallow warm waters and embankments. And in between lie the the vineyards that profit from the conditions just as much, which enables them to grow great wines.

Tasting Notes:

This Blauer Zweigelt is dark red with a typical violet edge. Its flavour impresses with notable hints of cherry and dark fruits. The tannins are pronounced but Zweigelt-like mild.

Food Suggestion:

This wine goes perfectly with game and many other hearty meat dishes.

Aging Potential:

Reaches its optimum 2 years after the harvest. Can be kept for more than 5 years at least.

Drinking Temperature:

17° C

Alcohol Content:

13 %vol

Sugar Content:

2.3 g/L


4.8 g/L


International Organic Wine Competition 2018

12 Jul 2018, Gold Medal, 91 points
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