Merlot is common in almost every wine growing region of the world. It is quite frequently found in cuveés but genuine wines are also not uncommon. Since repeated experiments with this grape convinced us of the potential of genuine Merlots we started to bottle them on their own and let the results speak for themselves. We have learned that the Merlot will yield first-class wines that can easily convince every diligent taster of the grape’s potential if it has been planted at a suitable location and treated skillfully.

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Smooth and sun-loving like the Sand Lizard. During the hot time of the day lizards can be seen sitting on stones and taking in their warmth, just like our vines. We don`t find big species in our area but the small ones are just as precious. They can sit still for hours just to speed over stone and heated soil in a moments notice. It's a great sight everytime.

Tasting Notes:

Our Merlot shines in a strong red colour. It impresses with its delicate spicyness and hints of blackberry. On the palate it is just as full, complex and with well rounded, lasting tannins.

Food Suggestion:

Merlot can be had on many occasions and does always combine favourable with red meat, steak or game.

Aging Potential:

Reaches its optimum 2-3 years after the harvest. Can be kept at least for 4-6 years.

Drinking Temperature:

17° C

Alcohol Content:

13 %vol

Sugar Content:

3.1 g/L


5.2 g/L


Grand International Organic Wine Award 2019

09 Jul 2019, Silver Medal 88 points
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