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Barrique storage Vineyard in deep snow View towards the illuminated winery at night Andreas and Kathrin View towards the winery Panoramic view of gols in winter with no snow Sonnenmulde wine bottles Panoramic view of gols in winter with white with snow Barrique casks

Autumn's beginning

2016-08-29 - 07:48

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Hi, we’re still here! Over the summer there has been a lot of work but not so much to talk about. Now it’s slowly coming to an end and this is changing. September always begins with the Dornbirn Autumn Fair and right after that we’ll be starting the harvest.

This year’s harvest will turn out a bit wanting because of the late frost in April but there are still many grapes to pick and they are already getting sweeter every day. Only two more weeks and there will be much more to tell and write about. You may also follow the current events on our Twitter feed then, just look for @sunnywines!

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