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Autumn colored vineyards around Gols People at manual wine harvest Barrique casks Andreas and Kathrin Late harvest while the leafes show first autumn colours View of vineards starting to change leafe colours in autumn View towards the winery Sun rises through ground fog while wind turbines tower above the vineyards Vineyard next to a forest, autumn colored leafes Sonnenmulde wine bottles Hillside vineyard with autumn colored leafes Trailer filled with fresh grapes at the harvest Barrique storage View towards the illuminated winery at night

First grape blossoms

2019-06-06 - 16:10

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Grape with its first two blossoms opened.

Like every year the first grapes to bloom are from the St. Laurent variety. The picture shows its very first blossoms. Altough not too much to look at, a fully abloom vineyard offers an impressive fragrant smell.

Compared to last year we’re three weeks late. This is mostly due to the cool and wet weather in May. On the other hand we now have sufficient water and warmer conditions. So everything is just right for a quick development. And we are looking forward to a more normal harvest in mid September, which makes us very happy too. And now on to a great Summer!

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