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Late harvest while the leafes show first autumn colours Barrique casks Andreas and Kathrin Sonnenmulde wine bottles Vineyard next to a forest, autumn colored leafes Barrique storage View towards the winery Sun rises through ground fog while wind turbines tower above the vineyards Autumn colored vineyards around Gols View towards the illuminated winery at night Hillside vineyard with autumn colored leafes

Corona Virus - Cancellation of Exhibitions

Friday, March 6, 2020

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Whoa! ProWein 2020 has finally been cancelled and the Innsbruck Spring fair at least postponed. We’re thinking about other options for tastings right now. Wine orders are of course possible as always. Transportation still works and we’re also on track four our upcoming personal deliviery tours eg. to Tirol.

Stay tuned, there will be updates soon!

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