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Millésime Bio - Gold

2020-02-01 - 12:53

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Rosé wine bottle with gold medal.
Rosé wine bottle with gold medal.

Our Blaufränkisch Rosé 2019 was awarded a Gold Medal. But this was not any award but the grand Challenge Millésime Bio in Montpellier in southern France.

The Millésime Bio that is beeing held since 1993 is the most important organic wines fair in the world. Exhibitors and visitors from all places that have anything to do with wine gather in Montpellier every February to meet, taste and to see whats new in the organic wine scene.

Exhibition hall at Millésime Bio with exhibitors, tasting tables and visitors.
Exhibition hall at Millésime Bio with exhibitors, tasting tables and visitors.

Organic wines have been out of their niche for a long time already in Austria and therefore a sizeable group of Austrian producers makes its way to Montpellier every year. We’re also always happy to participate and bring some great bottles with us.

The fair also presents the winners of the Challenge Millésime Bio. This year more than 1600 wines competed and were assessed as well as rated by wine experts. It was a hard competition and therefore we are more than delighted that our 2019 Rosé was one of only three Austrian wines that were awarded a Gold Medal.

Doing some tasting ourselves, we too were able to make our own picture of the high quality level of all the competing wines. But excelling in the Rosé category is even more special for us since these wines are always highly revered in southern France. Generally people in France drink more Rosé than white wines. But in the Languedoc region winemakers are especially proud of this light and refreshing wine style, compared to the much more widespread heavy reds.

We are satisfied and our Rosé has always been a great wine for the upcoming warm season anyway.

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